Spring 2018 Move Out Information

Students Not Graduating: Checkout will take place during finals week, April 30th –May 5th. Check out will be from 9 am-6 pm each day.
All students must be checked out by 6 PM Saturday May 5th. 

Graduating Students: If you are graduating this semester checkout will be extended to commencement week, May 7th-May 11th.
Check out will be from 9 am-6 pm each day during commencement week. 
All seniors must be moved out no later than 6 PM Friday May 11th.

To move out bring your key and your FOB to the 220 Rowan Blvd Front Desk. At the front desk residents will fill out a check out form. Failure to return your key or FOB will result in a replacement charge.

All of the residents personal belongings including but not limited to: clothes, posters, garbage and electronics must be removed from bedrooms, bathrooms and common spaces before checking out.

Verizon FiOS Deactivation Required

In order to deactivate Verizon the account holder in the apartment must follow these steps:

1.      Call Verizon at (800)-501-1172 to deactivate account (48 hours prior).

2.      Collect Verizon canvas bag from mailbox.

3.      Complete information card provided.

4.      Insert Cable box and card into Verizon Canvas bag.

5.      Deliver Verizon canvas bag to front desk.


Bags will be delivered to your mailbox by this Friday, 04/27.

The only exception to not deactivating Verizon FiOS is if the account holder is returning to their same bed-space for the 2018-2019 academic year.