You do not need to remove your belongings from the room and you will keep your key/fob with you over the break. If you lose your key, this will result in a lock change charge.


Submit your Spring 2019 cancellation request via MyHousing. More instructions can be found here. Nexus residents will return their key/fob to the front desk at 220 Rowan Blvd by December 21, 2018 at noon.

If you are not able to leave your residence due to extenuating circumstances by Friday, December 21, 2018 at 12:00pm, and are not planning on staying for winter break, please ensure you follow the below steps to complete a checkout extension request via your MyHousing. The deadline to submit this is Sunday, December 9th.


If you need to stay on campus for any or all of the Winter break, you will need to apply by filling out the 2018-2019 Winter Housing Request Form via MyHousing. Only students meeting specific criteria can remain on campus over break. Students who have not applied to stay on campus for Winter break will have their building access removed for security purposes.

The deadline to complete this form is Wednesday, December 5th - no exceptions.


If every student in your unit will be returning home for winter break, leaving your unit vacant, please review the below checklist of items before you leave:

  • Take out all trash to avoid odors.

  • Kitchen area should be cleaned-Dirty dishes should not be left in your sink or in the dishwasher. 

  • Throw out old food in your refrigerator.

  • Make sure all windows in the apartment are closed.

  • Set your Thermostat to HEAT at 66 degrees.

  • Turn off all lights in your unit.

  • Lock your bedroom door when you leave.


If you are currently living in a double with no roommate; that may change for the spring semester. You are expected to clear your belongings from the second set of furniture so that a new roommate will have a smooth transition to campus.

RLUH staff will be performing inspections throughout Winter Break. For more information, click here.