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This is an application form. The APPLICANT(S) understands that all information will be verified and credit bureau reports completed, of which the contents will be shared with the landlord. The applicant certifies and represents that all information on this application is correct; that he/she is not breaking his/her lease, that he/she has paid his/her rent/mortgage payments in a timely fashion; that he/she has received no notices of Lease Termination or Eviction; that no adverse credit information is on record; and that they have not been convicted of any felonies. APPLICANT(S) hereby understands that the discovery of any negative rental/mortgage, credit or financial information or providing any false information is reason for denial. A non-refundable charge of $85.00 per additional applicant will be retained for credit/rental/criminal background check purposes. APPLICANT(S) authorizes LESSOR and/or its representatives (MRI) to verify the accuracy of all information in this application, and also authorizes all employers, present and previous landlords, and creditors to release all information concerning applicant or applicant’s account(s) for the purpose of verifying this application and determining applicant’s ability to afford the contractual obligations of the lease. Applicant releases all persons delivering this information from any inadvertent error.
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