The New York Times covered the redevelopment project of Downtown Glassboro. The article discussed the relationship between the borough of Glassboro, Rowan University and Nexus Properties and ways they worked together to turn around the town.                                                 View the article here.

Commercial Property Executive's interview with COO, Dante Germano, offers many details on the Rowan Boulevard project with special attention on the final A4 phase and what it's bringing to Glassboro.    View the article here.

Northeast Real Estate Business wrote about how the partnership between Nexus Properties, Rowan University and Glassboro led to the development of a downtown that benefits students and locals alike.                                                                                                                                            View the article here. released an article on how Rowan University, Nexus Properties and Glassboro all worked together to transform Glassboro into a growing college town.                                          View the article here.                                                                                                                                   published an article covering Nexus Properties securing finances for the final phase of the Rowan Boulevard expansion. The final phase, A4, is set to open in summer 2018 and consists of about 267,000 square feet.                                                                                                           View the article here. put an article out discussing the amazing public-private partnership between Rowan University and Nexus Properties. Rowan and Nexus are working together to make Downtown Glassboro fun and lively and make Glassboro more of a college town.                                         View the article here. posted an article discussing that Nexus signed 5 new retailers to its properties in Fowntown Glassboro.                                                                                              View the article here. discusses the new retailers included in Nexus' properties in the Downtown Glassboro expansion. Rowan Boulevard is home to many retail, food and entertainment options, and more options are soon to come.                                                                                                            View the article here.

Citybizlist covered the announcement of new retail openings in Downtown Glassboro. The article covers the 5 new retail options opening and discusses the public-private partnership between Rowan University and Nexus Properties.                                                                                                     View the article here.

The Whit, Rowan University's student news publication, published an article about the newest buildings opening. The article gives a student perspective on the expansion and new residential areas and also highlights the new recreational center.                                                                            View the article here. wrote a compelling article on the differences in Rowan University's campus from a few years ago to now. The article even shows pictures "then" and "now" of certain parts of campus and Downtown Glassboro.                                                                                                                 View the article here.

The Inquirer published an article on the dreams of downtown Glassboro coming to fruition. The article talks about the whole development of Downtown Glassboro and transforming it into a college town.                                                                                                                                           View the article here.

Philly Voice posted a story about how Glassboro has changed from a "sleepy college town" to a "thriving college town." The story goes over a history of how Glassboro has changed and the recent development of the downtown.                                                                                                    View the article here.

The Courier-Post wrote an article on the latest openings of buildings in Downtown Glassboro. The article has photo galleries of the latest student and luxury apartments. Take a look at the lovely apartments!                                                                                                                                  View the article here.