What is the cost of a student apartment?

> Cost for student housing at 220 Rowan Blvd is per student and per semester; this information can be found in our license agreement, located here.

> Yes, through a collaboration agreement with Rowan University. Rowan will bill students for housing and Nexus Properties will then collect the payment from Rowan University.

am i eligible to live in 220, 230 or 223 if i recieve financial aid or a scholarship?

Are the buildings available to all students?

> Yes, 220 Rowan Blvd, 230 Victoria and 223 High are available for Juniors and Seniors and Graduate Students can apply to live in the student apartments as long as they are enrolled in Rowan University and with Rowan's Housing Department.

> Students sign a full academic year license agreement when they select 220 Rowan Blvd as their housing option. We do not offer partial year assignments.

can i live in 220, 230 or 223 per semester or does it have to be a full year?

is 220, 230 or 223 available to graduate students?

> Yes, Graduate Students can apply to live in the student apartments as long as they are enrolled in Rowan University and with Rowan’s Housing Department.

is there a security deposit?

> Yes, $500 (plus applicable convenience fees) is required per student and is payable to Glassboro Mixed-Use Urban Renewal, LLC through the 220 Rowan Blvd website. This is due once placed in 220 Rowan Blvd and by the assigned deadline.

is the security deposit refundable?

> At the end of the student's stay, the apartment will be inspected. Based on this inspection, as long as there are no charges, the student will receive their deposit back.

how do i access my apartment suite? my floor?

> Accessibility to apartment suites & floors is provided through an electronic FOB system. You will need your FOB to gain access to each of the 4 student elevators, or stairways, and to your apartment suite. Gaining access to each individual bedroom is by key.

what if i loose my fob or bedroom key?

> Contact the Leasing Office for a replacement immediately. Loss of a FOB or key will result in a charge of $75 for the FOB and $25 for the key and must be paid upon release of a new FOB or key or by the specified deadline.

what are the terms of the length of the license agreement?

> A student license agreement follows the academic year. It’s possible to stay in your apartment suite during University breaks, including summer, if you are meet all criteria. Graduating students must vacate upon graduation.

can i share or give my fob to my friends?

> If someone other than yourself is in possession of your FOB, you are at risk of loosing building/apartment access privileges.

is wifi available in the building?

> Wi-Fi is accessible in lounge areas, quiet/study rooms and the building lobby and through your apartment's wireless router.

is there cable/internet in the apartment?

> We have a bulk package deal with Verizon FiOS. In each bedroom, there is a jack which provides basic cable (about 60 channels). If you upgrade your cable package to include another cable box, at an additional monthly cost, you will be able to access more channels. In the living room, you will receive one cable box to provide about 200 channels. Throughout the apartment you can access your apartment’s wireless internet. Any upgrades to the internet or cable for the apartment must be paid monthly by the account holder (the resident that set up the package) to Verizon FiOS.