To Submit a Room Change/Room Swap Request:

(1) Log on to
(2) Click on MyHousing
(3) Hover over “Room Selection”
(4) Click “Request a Room Change”
(5) Put in the hall(s) or hall/room you are interested in moving to. If you are submitting a room swap request, please indicate the name of the person you are wishing to swap with as well as the building and room information for that individual.
(6) In detail outline your reason for your request
(7) Click “Submit Room Change Request”


To Cancel a Room Change/Swap Request:

If you wish to cancel your room change request, do so by submitting another room change request and in the “Requested Hall/Room” field type “Cancel Room Change Request”

Any questions should be directed to the Residential Learning and Housing Office.

Phone: 856-256-4266 ext. 1        

Fax: 856-256-4475